Our plan is to meet customers need and set the PMP standard accordingly

At the beginning of each project, Alsuqoor Company’s interest is on the initial operations of the project according to the International Organization for project management (PMP). It was agreed to put the main lines of the project and the economic feasibility and the full coordination with the employer to get out the results of a mutual satisfaction.

– Plan project management.
– Plan Scope management.
-The collection of project requirements.
– Define Scope, Create WBS.
– Plan Scheduling management.
– Define Activities.
– Sequence Activities.
– Estimate Activity Resources.
– Estimate Activity Durations.
– Develop Schedule.
– Plan Cost Management.
– Estimate Costs.
– Determine Budget.
– Plan Quality Management.
– Plan Human Resource Management.
– Plan Communication Management.
– Plan Risk Management.
– Identify Risks.
– Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis.
– Plan Risk Responses.
– Plan Procurement Management.

– Direct and Manage Project Work.
– Perform Quality Assurance.
– Acquire Project Team.
– Develop Project Team
– Manage Project team.
– Manage Communication.
– Conduct Procurements.
– Manage Stakeholder Engagement.

– Monitor and control Project Work.
– Perform Integrated Change Control.
– Validate Scope.
– Control Scope.
– Control Schedule.
– Control Costs.
– Control Quality.
– Control Communication.
– Control Risks.
– Control Procurements.
– Control Stakeholder Engagement.

This is the final of the project which include the date of turning the keys :
● Be sure to finish all legal and administrative issues .
● Close financial obligation and issue the project is free .
● Return all rental equipment .
● Celebrate commissioning of the project .