• The relationship between the company and the employee regarding employment, training and promotion.

• Organization of work procedures and steps to be taken to complete the administrative staf transactions.

• Development of human resources plan and make sure you set the optimal size of the qualified labor that achieves the economic dimension and rationalizes spending.

• Attracting and retaining human resources and promote high-efficiency at all levels under the regulations and policies of the company and the laws of labor relations and employees.

• Identify the tasks and responsibilities of each employee through the characterization and classification and evaluation categories at the company level.

• Motivate staff through the development of advanced systems and fair bonuses linked to personal performance to ensure the identifying elements and diligence of our staff.

• Establish practical and comprehensive system for evaluating the performance of all staff, leading to effective results for staff development and improved perfomance.

• Investment in human resources through training and skills development continuously to raise the efficiency and performance of employees and acquaint them with the modern technology used in the completion of their work

The administrative board of Alsuqoor International Company believe that the real capital for us is the human, thus we pay great attention to our employees, as well as the application of a package of measures that seek to motivate staff to raise the quality and the development of skills and create a spirit of competition among the employees level. With the development of the objectives of the company, the size of its activity and diversity expanded. Precisely, we paid great attention to workers and the development of their tasks and to access them to the extent of professionalism, and our determination to achieve job satisfaction. For this goal we developed systems designed to consolidate the company’s relationship with employees, including identifying and clarifying the duties assigned to them to determine the steps dealing in all areas and labor relations as the company developed personal compensation and the incentive program which is part of supplementing wages and salaries in order to maintain operating efficiencies and to ensure continuity in raising production capacity.