In 2007 AL-Suqoor International Company established with working capital of five billion Iraqi diners which is equivalent to four million US dollars.It began as trade, supply and general contracting company serving southern region of Iraq and particularly the directorate of Basra. Today the company considered to be one of the leading contracting company in the field of electric, mechanical and construction. It employed more than one hundred employees including engineer, technician and general staff to accommodate awarded projects. The company works according to international standard in regards to quality and safety. Today the company is certified and maintain ISO 14001 : 2015, ISO 9001 : 2015 and OHSAS 18001 : 2007. The company is environmentally friendly in implementing green friendly technologies and materials. It works together with local government and private agencies to preserve the quality of air and water resources. The first priority for the company is the public and employees safety. As of today, the company is proud of its zero accident history

Our Mission

Responsibility and Integrity are our tools to maintain sustainable development of our staffs and the public. Our professional staffs are the watch eyes for market analysis and to evaluate the trend in our staffs and the public. Our professional staffs are the watch eyes for market analysis and to evaluate the trend in local economy. This strategy gave us the leading edge over our competitors. We always look for ways and methods toenhance enhance our performances. We keep trying to discover what will make our worksuperior superior in quality and deliver on time as we promise. Our customers satisfaction is number one goal and will not be compromised. We keep working very hard to sustainable Iraqi economy.

Our Vision

We are not trade, supply and contracting company, but we are institute to service

society. We bear the responsibility toward our customer in delivering top quality

goods and services hence their satisfaction will be guaranteed.

Our Value

Obeying code of ethic is an essential and fundamental element in our relationship

with our customers. We carefully evaluate our experience with each individual

customer to be sure no code of ethic has been violated . The excellence is not

only reflected in our achievment, but also on how we attained it .

Our Method Of Work

While our customers focusing on their core business, we are working on building

bridges for long term relationship by adhering to superior management methods

and standards to achieve and master the best quality of services.


● Honest with ourselves.

● Characterized by originality and honor.

● We mean what we say and we say what we mean.

We Are Committed To

● Always take responsibility.

● We embrace our work.

● Achieve the goals.


● Accomplish more than required.

● Materialize the best of what you dream of.

● Achieve exceptional results no matter the size & velum.