At Alsuqoor International Company , quality is total concept . Quality does not mean just quality of the product ,

it is the ability of all our operation to meet our customers needs.

Our QC policy is adhering and complying to all procedures of high quality standards of ISO 14001 : 2015,

ISO 9001 : 2015 and OHSAS 18001 : 2007.

Our QC policy is based on the following principles.

• Providing a dedicated team to ensure quality management and the application in accordance with the international standards.

• The implementation of quality at all levels of the company policy.

• Taking immediate action to correct and remove any potential deviations and errors even not getting repetition.

• Continuous strict training for staff and continuous quality improvement and adopting new programs according to the latest internationally certified quality system.

• Auditing and continuing review for staff and periodic internal quality to ensure the highest level of quality and the preservation of the International Standards.

• Our philosophy in quality system is (plan – do – check – develop (PDCD Model).

• Continuous communication with customers and measuring their satisfaction with the product and the work to take all measures to improve it.